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Special Requests


Genuine Gray takes special requests to find you the backpack you are looking for.

If you just cannot find the backpack that you have visioned in your head and you are tired of searching the internet you can call our Customer Service number at 888-527-0265 and talk with one of our service representatives.  All you need to do is describe the look the material, color the pocket setup and style of the backpack and we will search the world over to find your backpack.  Genuine Gray has suppliers all across the globe and are always adding more so we are in a unique position to help you with your search.  We provide this service to our customers at no charge because we are committed to providing the best customer service available!

Once we have completed our search we will email you a selection of pictures and descriptions of the backpacks we have found for you.  You will just let us know if we found the right one and we will have it added to our collection so you can place the order.  That's it as simple as that.

We are adding more backpacks to our collections every week to give you an ever expanding fresh selection to choose form.  When are search team is searching for backpacks to add to our collections we are searching for unique backpacks that are not on every backpack website out there.  We are continually reviewing our competitors webpages to review their backpack collections so we can bring you the unique, fashionable, trendy backpacks you are looking for.

So give Genuine Gray a try give us a call and put us to the test we are happy to help you find that special backpack!

The Genuine Gray Team

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