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What is Genuine Gray About?

Genuine Gray was started with the passion to provide quality products at a reasonable price.  We fell in love with backpacks if you look around the next time you are out you will notice them everywhere.  When we started our research back in 2014 we right away noticed the selection of backpacks on the internet and in the retail stores was pretty boring and expensive.  So we set out to change that.  We took our time and put together a selection of manufactures from all over the world and came up with an exciting, affordable, fun and very fashionable ever growing selection of backpacks.  

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!  Do you remember when the customer was always right?  It seems like in today's world retailers have forgotten that simple meaningful phrase.  Not at Genuine Gray you the valued customer have made us who we are and we will not forget that!  We are here to help in any way we can from refunding the purchase price for a defective backpack, just answering questions or a request to help find you the perfect backpack you have in your mind but cannot find it anywhere.

We have backpacks from all over the world making available a truly one of a kind unique selection.

Providing a great price with free shipping our selection beats the competition generic selection hands down.  We have backpacks for your style providing a selection of multi colors for most of our backpacks.  Whether you are looking for the perfect outdoors, something for school, going out on the town with a little style and fashion, something casual we have the selection.  Plus the exciting search never ends for us we are always adding more backpacks to all of our collections so come back and take a look we add more backpacks every week.

We Hope you Enjoy our Backpacks for Life for Style for Family. 

Buy with 100% Confidence because we have your back.

The Genuine Gray Team

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