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Grill Brush Patented Bristle Free Grill Cleaning Brush

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GRILL-A-BRUSH 2.0 is here! Our grill brush Patented Design is a 19" Bristle Free Grill Brush with 360-Degree scraper is made with superior materials for long lasting use.  Best BBQ Cleaner grill cleaning brush, Safe for all grills. Durable & Effective. No Wire Bristles. A Perfect Gift for the Barbecue Lover. GRILL-A-BRUSH is a family-owned business and the original designer of this style brush. After reading about all the adults and especially the kids going to the hospital after eating a grill brush bristle that was on their grilled food, we came up with this design to give people an alternative safer choice. GRILL-A-BRUSH has our No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee warranty for a full 1 year.

Why Use the GRILL-A-BRUSH?

  • The Best Thing: The GRILL-A-BRUSH bristle-free grill brush eliminates the risk of dangerous fine metal bristles breaking off and getting into your food.
  • Superior Cleaning Performance: Our GRILL-A-BRUSH features 3 durable stainless steel helix coils that easily remove tough, burnt-on residue and grime from your grill grates, and our patent pending scraper design is not only meant to scrape on the flat side it is also meant to scrape in-between the grates plus wrapping around under the bottom of the grates for a 360-degree clean helping you achieve the ultimate clean cooking surface.
  • Safe and Effective: The GRILL-A-BRUSH is designed with your safety in mind. The long 19-inch handle keeps your hands away from the fire and heat, and the sturdy helix coils provide safe and efficient cleaning without scratching or damaging your grill grates.
  • Commercial Design: The GRILL-A-BRUSH commercial designed is made to last, the durable ABS plastic handle and stainless-steel construction. will provide you with many grilling seasons to come.

GRILL-A-BRUSH has our 100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee for a full 1 year.



Customer Reviews

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Sara G

We used this brush for the first time today after grilling our 4th of July dinner and it was absolutely amazing. It works so well and was easy to use! Getting the sides and underneath of the grating was easier than ever. Will be telling everyone about this product.

Best Grill Brush Ever!!!

I Purchased 4 to give as gifts and I plan on purchasing more, as everyone loves them and thinks it is the Best Grill Brush Ever!!! I highly recommend getting one for yourself and others for every Griller you know! You will be very happy with your purchase and wish you would have been using this for years!

Worth the price and wait

Saw the Grill-a-Brush at the Lakeland Market one Saturday when we were on vacation. I didn't want to risk carry on so decided to wait to purchase. I have looked at a lot of knock off brands but held out for the original and glad I did.
Would recommend to anyone with a grill.
Easy ordering and fast dellivery.

Christine Bennett

The brush works really well even for my smaller Weber Q series grill. I have only used it once so far because it is still a little chilly in the Chicago area & not exactly. Grilling weather.

Pat Corona
Great brush

Works great. Good design.